NIH BPA Advantage

What is a BPA?

BPAs are established or renewed for a period of one year.  There are over 60 commodities that are covered under these BPAs including biological materials, chemicals, lab supplies, IT hardware/software, temporary help, lab testing services, office supplies, etc.

Why does the NIH BPA Program Exist?

The BPA program was established in the late 1980's when it was discovered that NIH was paying list price for most of their products and services. Our goals are to:

  • Negotiate discounts on behalf of NIH
  • Assist the buyers in their market research
  • To provide quality customer service
  • The BPA Program provides a preferred list of vendors that are frequently used by researchers, scientists, and administrators at NIH

Why Use NIH BPA?

  • Pricing and discounts have been negotiated on behalf of the NIH
  • BPA pricing can be used with a BPA Call, Purchase Card, or a Purchase Order
  • The majority of the BPAs have pre-negotiated discounts
  • The BPA helps the government save money

Contract Information

Contract Number:
Maximum Order Limit:
Authorized Users
All Federal, State, and Local Agencies
Geographic Scope
US Domestic and Overseas delivery


(P) (703) 893-6383(F) 703-995-4721(E)